Word on the street

“There is no better compliment than the kind words from happy clients”

– Christina Miller


“I have to say that I love how the Miller Team works.
You are all so organized and everybody seems to have a specific role to accomplish the goal of either selling, helping the buyers, coordinating appointments or doing the behind the scenes paperwork.
From the clients perspective its a smooth process, but I recognize that you all put lots of hours and heart into what you do to help us in this major family project / transaction.
Thumbs up to Elizabeth, Macy and Christina for your assistance. You have been fantastic !

We are really excited to take possession August 1st and finally make 4700 Westmount Ave our Home.
Thanks again to all of you.”

David & Véronique



Dr. Claude Maranda

46 Summit Cres., Westmount
Sold for $2,400,000

“Dear Christina,
Liz and I are absolutely thrilled by the sale of the house and by your devotion and hard work (you and your excellent staff).“
Thanks again,



Richard Grover

3070 Le Boulevard, Westmount adj.
Sold for $1,800,000

“Dear Christina,
I am still in a daze with respect to the sale of the house… three months ago it seemed I would never sell it and then in one day it was immediately purchased.
Thank you for your work and successfully selling my house.”



Willie Goldman

84 Arlington Ave., Westmount
Sold for $1,494,000

“Dear Christina,
Thanks for making the sale of my home a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your team, and would recommend your services to anyone thinking of selling their home.   Right from the get go, you inspired confidence and I knew that I chosen the right agent. Every aspect of the sale process was meticulous, professional, and committed.
Thanks again,”


Sheila and Stan Jablonski

425 Roslyn, Westmount
Sold for $2,700,000

“Dear Christina,
Just a note to say how pleased we were with how you handled the sale of our home on Roslyn. From beginning to end, you and your team inspired confidence and displayed the professionalism we hoped for. The Christie’s web site and your 4 page custom brochure were the perfect way to showcase our home.

And just as promised, you brought us serious clients for our heritage property, which ultimately delivered us the client and the price to our satisfaction. We are delighted that things went so smoothly with the transaction. “
Thanks again,
Sheila & Stan



Elaine + Avrum Stark

485 Roslyn, Westmount
Sold for $1,550,000

“Thank you for all the work you did to get our Roslyn coach house sold. We sincerely appreciated your professionalism, and had complete confidence in you and your team. The party you hosted to launch the listing was amazing – oysters, champagne, even a DJ. It felt like that reality TV show, Selling New York!  We look forward to doing business with you again and will happily refer you to anyone looking to sell their home. “

Elaine & Av



Barbara Segal

118 Aberdeen, Westmount
Sold for $3,300,000

“Thank you for all the hard work you put into selling my home. You and your team were professional, helpful and lovely to work with.”




Paul & Helen O’Shea

421 Argyle Ave., Westmount
Sold for $1,100,000

Dear Christina,
 ”Just wanted to thank you for all the work you did to sell our house. The advice you gave us to get the house ready to list was superb. The trades you referred to us, the electrician, Matt the painter…etc. were enormously helpful. The professionalism exhibited by you and your team was truly impressive and your experience working with relocating companies was truly an asset.  We are looking forward to the move to Princeton so thank you, for making the transition as smooth as possible.”
Paul and Helen O’Shea



Gerald & Lorraine Ratzer

489 Argyle Ave., Westmount
Sold for $960,000

“Just a short note to thank you for your care and attention during the long process of selling our house on Argyle.
Thanks again,”
Gerald and Lorraine




Dr. Immanuela Ravé Moss

365 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount
Sold for $897,000

“Thank you all for being so intelligent, cooperative and kind. It certainly has been a wonderful experience.
Thanks again,”



“Thank you Stephanie for living up to all of our expectations and then some. You are a real pro.”