Meet The Team

Successful real estate brokers around the world understand that in today's fast paced world,
the ability to connect buyers and sellers depends on exceptional teamwork.

Christina recognized this shift in 2008 and set out to skillfully put together the Christina Miller Real Estate Group
to serve the greater Montreal area in Westmount and beyond.

Our tight knit team is made up of passionate, dynamic, & successful real estate professionals committed to serving you in the best way possible. Whether you are buying or selling a property, we act as your trusty advisors from search to signing.


TITLE: Certified Real Estate Broker at Christina Miller Real Estate Group
PHONE: 5149342480

I am Real Estate Agent because...
I was introduced to 'all things real estate' at a very young age by my real-estate-obsessed-mother. I have very strong memories of those now obsolete MLS listing books lying around our house, and of time spent leafing through them trying to decode their curious abbreviations.

I got my start ...Although I spent 20 years of my career working in sales and marketing, I knew intuitively that my path would one day lead me here. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, for me, real estate has been a calling. In October 2005, before I was in the real estate business, I was driving through Westmount to take an out of town friend to a Habs game. As we drove, I heard myself telling him everything I knew about real estate prices in Westmount. I was slowing the car down here and there to point out which houses had sold for how much and so on. Suddenly, as I babbled, a switch went off for me, and at the same time my friend said out loud "Christina, why the heck are you not working in real estate?"This happened late on a Saturday afternoon and by mid-day the following Monday my decision had been made. I had registered for the six-month Real Estate Broker course. When I told friends and family about this decision, everybody smiled. It made sense to them. And this gave me confidence, so much confidence, in fact, that I started lining up clients! On February 23, 2006, I passed my real estate exam and sold my first home one week later on March 1st. Things were off to a great start.

Why I’m different...
Ten years have gone by, and the momentum I had right out of the gate has just kept on going. In these years, I have worked with nearly 1000 families on more than 500 transactions. I have watched families grow larger and families break up, have said goodbye to clients who have moved abroad and to cherished clients who have passed away. I have witnessed economic highs and lows, political referendums and changes in government. I have represented people from all walks of life. All this experience has given me many gifts. but what I have learned along the way is that, for me, it is about more than just the property. It's about the people.

Stephanie Murray

TITLE: Broker at Christina Miller Real Estate Group
PHONE: 5146525265

I am a Real Estate Agent because…

I love helping people find their dream home. I’m thrilled when I get the right buyer into the the right home. It’s a challenge I feel fortunate enough to have every day! Working with amazing clients and helping them through the trials and tribulations of buying or selling a home is a privilege and frankly…a lot of fun!

I got my start …

I'm a Haligonian (Halifax for those in-the-know) by birth but a Montrealer by choice. After graduating from Acadia University, I was drawn to Montreal’s architecture, cosmopolitan character and made the move to this Belle Province. Working successfully in advertising for 10 years, I made an industry leap, challenged myself and my career and got my broker’s license in 2010. I joined Christina’s team to work primarily as a buyers’ broker (bragging rights…I sold my first million-dollar property within the first three months) but my portfolio has since grown to include my own listings.

Why I’m different…

I combine the skills I developed in the advertising industry with my in-depth real estate market knowledge to bring real results and top-notch customer service to my clients. I’m also the neighbourhood know-it-all and that’s a great thing! I’ve lived in the Plateau, Outremont, the Old Port, NDG, Pointe Claire and Westmount. I’m equipped to find you the perfect home, neighbourhood and coffee shop! 

My top Montreal hot-spots are…

Stephanie’s Highlights:

  • Strong negotiator.
  • Hands-on service approach.
  • Bend-over-backwards attitude.

Peter Higgins

TITLE: Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 5148134261

I am a real estate agent because…

I love everything about the process. The people, the properties, the marketing, the negotiations, the sale and everything in between. Most rewarding of all is using my knowledge and experience to navigate my clients through all aspects of one of the most important decisions of their lives.

I got my start…

In 1998, I commenced my real estate career in the commercial sector concentrating exclusively on office/industrial leasing and investment sales. In the Summer of 2009 I made the move to the residential side of the business providing me the opportunity to combine the art of selling or buying a home with my skills in all aspects of the transactional side of the business.

Why I’m different…

Through my 18-year real estate career I have consistently provided my clients with a high level of hands-on service, market knowledge, experience and attention to detail with a focus on building long-term relationships. Additionally, being born and raised in Montreal, I am a great source of information on everything else the city has to offer -  from the best restaurants to schools and health clubs etc.

Jonathan Martinet

TITLE: Broker at Christina Miller Real Estate Group
PHONE: 5148049788

I am a Real Estate Agent because…

I enjoy interacting with people and the entire real estate experience that comes with it: understanding each clients’ individual needs, negotiations, analysis and ultimately, the sincere satisfaction of seeing how happy our clients are when the process of buying or selling a property is successfully completed. It’s a career that requires so many diverse resources and brings exciting challenges every day.

I got my start …

Originally from France (Bordeaux), I arrived in Quebec in 2004 and immediately fell in love with Montreal and its architecture. I studied science in France, then continued in Montreal, studying biology at UQAM before making a significant change in my career path. Several opportunities motivated me to work in sales and marketing, and allowed me to develop skills in numerous areas; sales, negotiation, web-media, social networking, websites, and publicity. In 2008, after joining a real estate agency, I decided to obtain my real estate broker license and began working in real estate in Outremont. I perfected my skills in market analysis doing door-to-door solicitation in Outremont and the Town of Mount Royal. After nearly 9 years in real estate, I had the wonderful opportunity to join Christina Miller’s successful real estate team. Every day brings new and exciting challenges, which I thrive on.

Why I’m different…

Thanks to a diverse professional background, my broad skill set allows me to offer clients unparalleled service as well as excellent knowledge of the real estate market. I possess strong listening skills paired with solid expertise in negotiations. Finally, I have a love of luxury real estate and a particular interest in the legal aspect of each transaction.

My top Montreal hot-spots are…

Working out and walking: running or biking along the long bike path of the Lachine canal; the Swimming in the Olympic basin on Ile Ste-Hélène and Mount Royal (winter or summer).

Eating out : Maïko Sushi on Bernard, La Taverne (Monkland), Maison Boulud (Shebrooke)

Jonathan’s Highlights:

Cognition and understanding of specific client needs

Excellent negotiator

Analysis and excellent judgement

Olivia Cameron

TITLE: Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 5145029596

I am Real Estate Agent because...
I have always had a strong appreciation for homes, whether they are big and luxurious or small, cozy and charming. I love the process of interpreting people’s tastes and needs and turning them into reality. The fact that I am privileged enough to be able to help with this process is why I love being a real estate broker.

I got my start ...

Working in my family’s business from a young age and observing deals taking place and sales being made. I saw what it truly means to work hard while keeping your clients best interest at heart. Although I finally opted for a career in real estate and not my family business, I take what I learned, apply it, and to be honest it’s pretty much engrained in me! I studied Creative Arts and Culture and have a Bachelors Business degree from John Molson School of Business at Concordia University with a Major in Management.

Why I’m different...

I’m a caring person and that carries through to how I conduct my business. I’m always focused on finding what you want and I give my all to my clients. I have an eye for style and can understand the needs of people looking to buy and to sell their homes.

Having grown up in Montreal, I’ve been able to get to know many different areas of the city and continue to discover more as neighborhoods evolve. I have the energy and skills to keep up with a constantly changing real estate market while understanding the importance of the right price.

People say home is where the heart is, so that is why I put my heart into finding the right house for the right people.
My top Montreal hot-spots are…

Explore: Atwater market and the Lachine Canal
Eat: Lucille’s and Café Holts
Drink: Atwater Cocktail Club
Relax: My home, I’m secretly a homebody.
Musee des Beaux Arts

Olivia’s Highlights:

Great with first time buyers
Persevering attitude / A doer attitude
A good eye for aesthetics /good taste/ observant/ Discerning taste

Marie-Alice Couret

TITLE: Broker/Client Care at Christina Miller Real Estate Group
PHONE: 4382748005

I am a Real Estate Agent because…

I get to be an integral part of one of the biggest events in someone's life! Whether it's their first home purchase or their latest home sale, it's always exciting to see people move on to the next phase of their lives… and share in that milestone!

I got my start …

After graduating from Concordia University in 1996, I worked for 10 years in television and cinema. In 2008, I pushed the red carpet aside and joined Christina’s team as the administrative & marketing coordinator. I successfully passed my real estate exam in 2014 and joined my colleagues at CMG as a licenced residential real estate broker. Why? I love people, love homes and love being a matchmaker. 2017 is my year to make some significant matches.

Why I’m different…

I’m known for outstanding customer service and having our clients’ best interests at heart. I’m armed with top-notch statistics and market insight so we help our clients make informed, savvy decisions when buying or selling their home.

My top Westmount hot-spots are…

Macy’s Highlights:

  • Educates the client.
  • Personal touches.
  • Attention to detail.

Julie-Eve Matte

TITLE: Coordinator, Administration, Listings and Sales at Christina Miller Real Estate Group
PHONE: 5149353337 ext 116

I work in Real Estate because…
I love real estate because it covers several different fields of expertise. In order to be good in real estate, it is essential to have good knowledge in human relations, in law, in sales and knowing its sector and the stages of the construction of a house.It requires us to be versatile and disciplined. I am a person of action that is why I love the pace of real estate in Montreal. I also consider a privilege to be able to contribute to such an important time in people's lives. Their confidence particularly affects me.

I got my start …

I have always had a strong interest in real estate. Five years ago, out of a desire to learn and out of curiosity, I took the course of residential real estate. Subsequently, I worked in real estate administration for several renowned Montreal teams, as well as working as a real estate broker.I am also a bachelor's student in administration, real estate concentration and human resources. This course allows me to learn more about property valuations and property management. I love real estate, and by joining the team of Christina Miller, I wanted to surround myself with the best!

Why I’m different…

I take into consideration that behind each sale is a different story, as well as different personalities! And my experience in real estate, my positive attitude and my rigor at work are elements that allow me to offer a distinguished and personalized service for each of our customers. I am passionate and persevering, so be assured that I will take your interests to heart! For all these reasons, I will answer your questions as soon as possible!

My top Montreal hot-spots are…
- Mount Royal Park
- Régine Café
- Quartier des spectacles

Julie’s Highlights:
- Going beyond client expectations
- Proactive: solution’s approach
- Personalized service